Architecture Students At IIT Kharagpur To Get Vastu Shastra Classes

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12:14 pm 17 Apr, 2017


IIT Kharagpur, the largest and oldest IIT of the country will introduce Vastu Shastra to its undergraduate, post-graduate and research scholarship students from this academic session onward.


Faculty at IIT Kharagpur believes that one cannot be a “well-rounded” architect unless he/she has studied Vastu Shastra – the foundation of traditional Indian architecture.

While the institution and teachers were considering reorienting teaching and learning for the upcoming academic session, they felt the need to introduce the subject to architecture students.  The teachers suggested that the students are already studying architectural concepts being used in the West, hence, not making them aware of ancient Indian traditions will be unreasonable. They held that Vastu is not based on any religion but upon science. It is relevant in modern times as the world is looking for solutions to green living and Vastu involves establishing a balance between infrastructure and nature.


As reported by the Times of India, first and second year students of undergraduate courses will be taught the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra while post-graduation students and research scholars will be given a detailed insight into the subject.


Undergraduate students of architecture will study Vastu in graded modules while those at the post-graduation level will study sacred diagrams, solar principles, 9 circuit placements, design semiotics and semantics.

The Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management (RCGSIDM) of IIT Kharagpur organized its first ever workshop on the subject “Vastu in Global Perspective” in Kolkata this Sunday. Vastu whizzes from all over the country participated in the workshop.

Addressing the participants, Joy Sen, head of RCGSIDM said that the times are changing and there is a renewed interest in ancient Indian knowledge all over the world. He went on to say that it was natural for the institution to tweak its syllabus to include Vastu.

He further added

Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor. Today, the whole world is looking at green living, thanks to the way we are suffering due to erratic concretization. The concept of Vastu revolves around the healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure, hence its modern relevance.



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