Twitterati Is Full Of Praises For This IIT Kanpur Student Who Saved A Man’s Life Mid-Flight Using A Ballpoint Pen

1:56 pm 2 Jun, 2018


Engineers and Jugad go hand-in-hand. No, we are not kidding! Remember the scene from the film ‘3 Idiots’ where Rancho helped Mona give birth using a vacuum cleaner? Did you feel it was a bit far-fetched? Well, when you know how this IIT Kanpur student saved a man’s life then you will be awestruck.

Karttikeya Mangalam, a final year electrical engineering BTech student went to Switzerland as an exchange student. The incident happened while he was returning from Geneva to New Delhi Via Moscow.



IIT Kanpur Student Who Saved A Man’s Life Mid-Flight Using A Ballpoint Pen


He was having an uneventful flight when he heard the aircrew’s announcement for a doctor on-board. It turned out that a 30-year-old Dutchman was on verge of a hyperglycemic episode. Being a patient of Type-1 diabetes his blood sugar levels rose higher than normal and was in need of insulin. Having lost his insulin pump during airport check, the man was literally in a life and death situation.

This is when a Russian doctor came to rescue, He had insulin and a specialized pen to administer the same. However, the Dutchman’s luck soon ran out as the doctor’s pen was designed to administer insulin slowly but he needed it fast.

Soon, the flight headed for an emergency landing. Naturally, that would have required time and the patient was running out of it.



Then this IIT Kanpur engineer student emerged like a hero. He spoke with the doctor about fixing the pen and cartridge dilemma. However, there was still one problem. After fixing the pen, the needle wasn’t moving.

Using his presence of mind, he downloaded the schematics of the pen and realized it’s missing a spring. He asked the aircrew to collect ballpoint pens from the passengers as they contain springs. Soon, he found a perfect one and the insulin device was fixed. Instantly, the doctor administered it and the man’s life was saved.

Grateful, the person thanked Karttikeya Mangalam and invited him to come to Amsterdam. The internet came to know about this incident from a Twitter post by IIT Kanpur. Karttikeya documented the incident in form of an article which they shared. Here’s the tweet:



Promptly, the Twitterati sprang into action to congratulate his presence of mind. Here are some of the comments: