IIT-BHU To Offer A Crash Course On ‘Adarsh Bahu‘? Here’s The Truth!

4:25 pm 5 Sep, 2018


Social media went into a frenzy after some alleged reports claimed that a three-month crash course on becoming an ‘Adarsh Bahu’ or an ideal daughter-in-law has been introduced by one of the most prominent educational institutions in the country, Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU). However, there were no official reports from the university on the same.

As per the sources, the institute tied up with a start-up named Young Skilled India to launch a course in order to train the unmarried women and transforming them into ideal daughters-in-law (because, all hail to patriarchy).



Even Vishal Dadlani’s mind is blown on hearing the news!



That’s the way to teach! Don’t you know!



You wish!



The 21st century needs it!



Please don’t say that!



This is the least we can expect!




Ironical, isn’t it? Well, the girls will be taught to take care of the needs of her ‘family members’ in this course. However, unfortunately, IIT-BHU has denied the claims about the three-month crash course on “Adarsh Bahu”, entitled as “Daughter’s Pride – Beti Meri Abhiman”.



Incidentally, the institute has termed the reports as “misleading” after they made a statement saying that they do not plan to offer any training programme/course that trains the unmarried women to be ideal daughters-in-law. So, it is a fake news?



Apparently, the educational institute has released an official statement saying that they have incubated an independent start-up called Young Skilled India that is designed to provide professional skills and development technique specifically to young girls at the Vanitha Institue of Fashion Design. Indeed, still, only the young girls need training because boys can do everything with perfection!


Here are some reactions to the same:



There goes my last shot!








While addressing the media, the CEO of Young Skilled India, Neeraj Srivastav said:

“We focus on skill development so that when the girls go for a job they are prepared for it. This also provides companies, well-trained employees. The three-month training focuses on communication skills, presentation skills, job interview skills, stress handling, and team handling skills.”


According to the students at the fashion institute, the course is programmed to increase the self-confidence of the students and not to teach them relationship techniques.



Nevertheless, can you, for instance, imagine what would have happened if there would have been a course training a girl to be an ‘Adarsh Bahu’? Oh, I know what would have happened! There would have been more admission in this course than in any other educational institution because all the country needs is another ideal ‘bahu’ who takes care of her family in the best way possible.