iiSuperwomanii’s Bawsy Book Preview Video Will Give You Just The Motivation You Need In Your Life Right Now

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4:42 pm 26 Jul, 2016


That’s me right now.

I, for one, have been watching through iiSuperwomanii’s awe-inspiring journey since last five years now.

And like me, Lilly Singh’s funny-sarcastic-motivational videos got sinking teenagers uplifted to a world of positivity and endless possibilities of believing in our dreams.

Our Lilly has come a long way since then- and this book looks like the perfect ode to her spirit. And who’s a better person to give it then her bonafide self?

Lilly Singh posted this super-bawsy video with an in-your-face motivational caption which reads like my soul speaking to me.

This woman, always, always, making us feel like getting up and kick some work-ass.


#TeamSuper all the way! 


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