Indian Army’s Powerful Message Is The Only Motivation You Need This Independence Week

6:27 pm 13 Aug, 2018


The Indian Army is the shield and sword of the country that keeps us safe from the enemies outside. The citizens of the country are secure and free because the enemies are at bay, all thanks to the Indian Armed forces who fight for our safety in the toughest situation possible. We are definitely proud to be the largest volunteer army in the world and the second largest army in the world. Our soldiers are admired and respected for their sense of duty and valor for the Indian citizens.

Interestingly, two days ahead of the 72nd Independence Day of India, the Indian Army has a very special message for the citizens of the country and it is something every citizen can relate to. The inspirational message was shared by the Indian Army officials on the social media and it pretty much sums up the importance of the soldiers in our lives who fight for the safety of the citizens on borders.



The Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADGPI), the Indian Army took it to their Twitter account and wrote:

“I was not born with you, I was not raised next to you, But I will kill for you and I will die beside you.”



Take a look at the tweet posted by the Indian Army:



Now, that’s some Monday motivation that I really needed. The Indian Army is always there to save us from all the external and internal threats no matter what!




In other news, the army is showing their best efforts in the disaster-hit Kerala to fight against all odds in order to rescue people stuck in the floods and landslides in various parts of the state.

According to media reports, the Indian Army’s Engineer Task Force built a 40-foot-bridge in the Wandoor district using only the local resources in the area and saved more than 800 stranded people from the district.



India will celebrate the 72nd Independence Day on August 15 with all merriment. The preparations are in full swing all over the country.