6 Out Of The Box Ideas To Make This Diwali Memorable

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7:00 pm 5 Nov, 2015


It is fun to add a twist in the old recipe and make it trendy! This Diwali try and chuck those noisy crackers and find some better ideas to make the festival memorable for all. Diwali is a festival of joy and happiness. There are so many unique things that you can do this Diwali and make it special for all…


1. Spread smiles on the faces of the underprivileged

After all the festive cleaning, you know what is not of your use. Take those things along with some sweets and gifts to some NGO or some slum. This will surely make their Diwali special and yours memorable.




2. Add some oxygen to the air instead

Grow some plants instead of bursting crackers. Influence people around you; there are many of us polluting the environment, so suggest changes they can make!



3. Save the strays, they need your help

There are idiots who tie crackers to the tails of the animals and burst them for their own entertainment. Sorry but that’s not entertainment at all. Try stopping such insane act as much as possible. Spend time with your pets as they are afraid of the noise!



4. Give your family some quality time

In this era where everyone is busy earning, you are getting a day off from all those hectic schedules. Give some time to your parents, spend some romantic time with your loved one and play some amazing games with your family.


5. Make some rangolis

Try some fancy decorating ideas and add color in and around your house. Your guests will surely be fascinated!



6. Arrange community celebrations

Ask your neighbors about it and arrange a get together. You should know who all lives around you; meet them, make friends, dance and have a good time.



Try these innovative ideas and share them with your friends and family. Do not celebrate alone; celebrate for everyone. Experience the happiness!



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