This Idea Of Helping Rural Indian Students Is So Simple One Wonders Why The Govt Didn’t Think Of It

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7:00 pm 24 May, 2014


An NGO achieved what countless ‘brilliant’ schemes of the Indian Government on education could not: get desks and bags for students in rural schools. It should not be a shocking revelation for anyone when told that many Indian schools in rural areas do not have the proper infrastructure such as desks, boards, bags and, in many cases, roofs over classes. The successive governments of India, even after 67 years of Independence, have not been able to or have not shown the will to solve this problem. Thankfully, an NGO named Aarambh has done something it should be proud of. Using discarded cartons, the NGO helped build a unique contraption – a school back-pack that can be transformed into a desk. This self-explanatory video shows how rural Indian students have benefitted manifold.



Credit: DDB Worldwide via YouTube. Visit the official website of Aarambh for more information.

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