10 Reasons Why You Should Look For Love Rather Than A Relationship

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Updated on 31 Oct, 2015 at 11:30 am


Some think that you can’t be in love till you get yourself into this whole relationship/dating game. Hence, they find a date. Some hopeless romantics believe that love has no boundaries and cannot be forced. It can happen anywhere with anyone. Hence, they find love.

Today, people are finding people everywhere – tinder, Ashley Madison, shaadi.com, friend’s cousin’s ex’s party, everywhere. For what? Dating, relationship, marriage or just a random hook-up with a lingering hope to find love in them.

For once, why don’t we stop and look around to find real love?

1. Reasons


Relationship: They are doing a lot for you to love them.

Love: You don’t have to find reasons to love them.

2. Communication

Relationship: Communication is an indispensable formality.

Love: Communication roots from simple desire.

3. Freedom

Relationship: The reason why you are not seeing other people is because you are not supposed to. But deep inside, you wonder what if you do.

Love: You are seeing other people only to realize why you only want to see the one.

4. Fidelity

Relationship: Fidelity is important for a relationship and that rule makes you stick.

Love: You cannot make love to someone else. You cannot bring yourself to embrace someone else’s beauty.

5. Fear

Relationship: There is fear- fear to lose them, lose yourself and lose your relationship in front of the world.

Love: There is no fear; there is faith. What’s yours can’t be lost.


6.  The End

Relationship: A long distance relationship can’t work. Lets end it?

Love: It is beyond time, distance and space. You can’t just finish it off.

7. Dreams

Relationship: It’s demanding. It asks for sacrifices I might not be ready to make. I don’t want to lose out on my dreams.

Love: It asks for nothing. It gives you wings to fly to your dreams.

8. Work

Relationship: It takes a lot of work they say.

Love: It’s effortless. You don’t have to put work in it.

9. Time

Relationship: There is a certain time for a relationship. You are not always ready for it.

Love: It catches you off guard. You are ready when it hits you!


10. Forever

Relationship: You might outgrow it. You can fall out of  a relationship and be in another one.

Love: Love never dies. If its real, you can never fall out of it. You might have a new life but it will stay in your heart like a blueprint of their soul.

Love is an emotion. Relationship is a tag.


That’s an outright blunt statement I dare to make. Think about it!

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