ICSE History Textbooks Are Brainwashing Our Kids With Wrong And Anti-India Information

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3:17 pm 24 Mar, 2016


NCERT history textbooks, which underwent a drastic makeover during the UPA rule, tell us that Bhagat Singh was a terrorist. One of the many reasons why some eminent historians are demanding that the books be corrected.

That is only one of the hundreds of misleading and objectionable information they give to young students who rely on those books to understand India. A little more exploration, done by Amit Thadani – a doctor by profession, reveals that the ICSE textbooks are no different.

In a series of tweets, Thadani exposes the biased, inaccurate, and even falsified information that ICSE history textbooks teach young students from sixth to eighth grades.

As usual, it begins with Aryan bashing:

A factual inaccuracy pointed out.

Thadani highlights that there is no mention of Hinduism before the arrival of Gupta Dynasty.

This means that according to ICSE books, Hindus did not exist in India before 319 AD.

Thadani points out that Seventh standard books appear to be preaching on Christianity than educate on history.

Like NCERT, ICSE too wraps up a 500 period of Indian history before Islamic invasion in two pages.

Truth is that the ‘Arabs’ never ‘invaded’ India. They arrived as merchants on the shores of Kerala.

India was invaded by Turkic-Afghani conquerors. Thadani is right: there was no cultural exchange. 

Mahmud of Ghazni was one of the biggest barbarians in history but he has been presented as a ruler who was forced to attack another country so that his own would survive.

Other Islamic rulers of the Delhi Sultanet have been portrayed as benevolent and merciful. They were anything but.

Babur destroyed temples and build mosques on them. It is a fact.

The caste system has been portrayed in the books as if it was the only evil in the then Indian society.

The entire history of three major powers – Jats, Rajputs and Sikhs – has been written in as many paragraphs.

Tipu Sultan receives glowing tributes and undue praises in ICSE books.

Thugees, a cult that was nothing more than dacoits of contemporary times, have been presented as barbarians crueller than the Islamic State.

And this is how Indian reformers have been belittled.

Revolutionary leaders get cursory mention.

There is no dearth of misleading information.

And while the entire country is talking about Subhash Chandra Bose, our school students know nothing more about him than this.

So who is behind the writing of such a hogwash retelling of Indian history?





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