10 Iconic Pran Dialogues You Can’t Miss If You Are A True Bollywood Buff

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12:37 pm 12 Feb, 2016

Pran has been the most sought-after ‘villain’ in the Indian film industry – so much so that it’s said mothers refrained from naming their children Pran. Such was the aura of this legendary actor. He effortlessly transcended himself in every new role, making all of them unique in their own way. His baritone and suave looks gave each character of his a voice of its own. In a time when heroes were worshiped, a villain left his footprint like no one else.

Over the years, the villain became one of the most beloved characters on-screen with movies like ‘Zanjeer’, ‘Parichay’ and ‘Upkar’. His chameleon-like traits made him a most memorable actor, one who molded himself with every movie.

Pran has given us characters and dialogues which will continue to impress us for decades. Here are 10 of his most iconic dialogues, which will make you feel pretty nostalgic about the ‘Hindi picture’ days:


1. Sher Khan in ‘Zanjeer’



2. Abidali Baig in ‘1942 – A Love Story’



3. Namdev in ‘Naseeb’



4. Jasjit Ahuja in ‘DON’


5. Kabira in ‘Karz’



6. Fateh Khan in ‘Sanam Bewafa’



7. Chhote Chaudhary in ‘Heer Ranjha’



8. Harnam in ‘Purab Aur Paschim’


9. Inspector Aslam Khan in ‘Shahenshah’



10. Commissioner Saxena in ‘Yudh’

Happy Birthday, Pran sahab!


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