Iconic Photographs Of Fashion Icon Jacqueline Kennedy During Her India Visit

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Slow down for a few moments while we bring you the very famous style icon named Jacqueline Kennedy also known as ‘Jackie’ who died on May 19th exactly 20 years ago . She became the first US Lady who wows India in 1962. She extremly became loud personality when she married to John F. Kennedy, her first husband who was the 35th president of United states. She realized the importance of India during her visit and conducted herself magnificently from it. Below we have collected some series of photographs showing her elegance style and how gracefully she was successful as a young woman.

Wearing Indian Sari

Mrs. Kennedy and Rajasthan's governor

Indira Gandhi with Jackie Kennedy in 1962

Indira Gandhi with Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy during her visit to India


India in March 1962

On a side trip to a textile showroom in Banaras

textile showroom

Jackie Kennedy and sister Lee Radziwill

Jackie Kennedy and sister

Jackie walks with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the garden of his home

with Indian Prime Minister

On a carved wooden swing in the prime minister’s garden, the First Lady sits and talks with Mrs. Indira Gandhi

carved wooden swing

Jackie Kennedy visits children in a hospital during her tour of India in March 1962

visits children in a hospital

Mrs. Kennedy smiles with the U.S. ambassador to India, John Kenneth Galbraith

with the U.S. ambassador

Mrs. Kennedy, center, and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, third from left, attend a sporting event on the First Lady’s tour of India in March 1962

attend a sporting event

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wears a pink dress and three-stranded pearls during her visit with Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru, left

At Jaipur, sitting in an elaborately carved howdah, Jackie and her sister [Lee Radziwill] ride on a trumpeting female elephant

At Jaipur

Jackie Kennedy presents a cup to Princess Gayatri Devi, right, and members of a polo team in Jaipur in March 1962

Princess Gayatri Dev

The esthetic summit of Jackie’s trip was her visit to the Taj Mahal

visit to the Taj Mahal

First Lady Jackie Kennedy, center, in a white coat and hat walks with Ambassador John Galbrath, right


with Ambassador John Galbrath
Credit: LIFE, Art Rickerby—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images