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ICC Gives Its Ruling On A Local Cricket Match By Sharing Its Video. Read To Find Out The Verdict

Published on 24 May, 2018 at 1:33 pm By

Who doesn’t love playing cricket in the streets? ‘Gully Cricket’ is everyone’s favourite sports, be it kids or adults. The fun and excitement of playing cricket in your neighbourhood street or nearby park are totally admissible. There are two teams playing against each other and an umpire to oversee the code of conduct. But what if the International Cricket Council (ICC) itself becomes the umpire of your cricket match?




Yes! In a surprising turn of events, International Cricket Council (ICC) became the reviewer of an amateur cricket match that was played on the streets of a locality. The area is said to be in Pakistan but there is no confirmation on the same.



A video was sent to the ICC on the morning of May 22 by a cricket fan, in which people are seen playing amateur cricket. ICC shared the video on its social media handles with the caption, “A fan named Hamza sent this video to us this morning asking for a ruling”. This took the cricket fans by surprise.



gully cricket

ICC Twitter


The video clip of the amateur cricket game shows the ball returning to hit the wickets from under the batsman’s legs after he played a shot. Evidently, Hamza wanted to know if the batsman was out or not.

In the caption, ICC ruled its verdict with the caption, “Unfortunately, for the (very unlucky) batsman, law 32.1 confirmed this is… out!” Therefore, ICC confirms that the ‘unlucky’ batsman was out.

Watch the video to see for yourself:



According to the Law 32.1 of ICC’s playing conditions, “The striker is out bowled if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler, not being a no ball, even if it first touches the striker’s bat or person”.

The video garnered hundreds of comments and replies within few minutes of being shared by ICC. People had the best of reactions to the video.

Check out some of the comments:










While some people said it was ‘Not Out’:




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