IAF Launch Their Official Facebook Page On The Occasion Of 84th Air Force Day

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1:23 pm 8 Oct, 2016

On the occasion of 84th Air Force Day, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha on October 8 launched IAF’s official Air Force page called ” Indian Air Force, Power to Punish“.


The page, at the time of writing this article, had over 500 followers and was slowly growing.

The announcement about the page was made during IAF’s Air Force Day parade, where Air Chief marshal Raha said that the IAF is prepared to deal with “any challenge” in “most befitting manner”.


In his first official IAF Facebook statement, he further added that the IAF  is operating on some of the “most modern weapon and equipment” to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and will “continue to train to take up any threat”.

Before their page was “officially launched”, the page administrator had already started to work on the posts and started by posting a picture of IAF’s first and only five-star rank officer, Marshal Arjan Singh.


A five-star rank officer is equal to the rank of a Field Marshal. Singh received the honor in 2002.

Besides Marshall Singh’s photograph, IAF also posted a series of other photographs including few IAF aircraft and a video which shows their valor, strength, and humanitarian work.


Being a newly launched page, it is yet to receive a ‘blue tick’ which would soon signify is the ‘official status’.

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