This Rakshabandhan, I’m Really Going To Miss Those Big And Gaudy Rakhis

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11:55 pm 17 Aug, 2016


Having looked over countless rakhi stalls and dragged friends to places where people assured me I’d get the “old time” rakhis, I find myself severely disappointed on Rakshabandhan eve since I came across what I can only describe as “very decent” rakhis.

Woman at rakhi stall


Stalls, like this one in Shimla, can be seen in cities across the country, with a variety of rakhis on display. You’ll get rakhis in metals, in pearl, with cartoon characters stuck on them and even the ones that come with strong religious overtones.

cartoon rakhis



Though the price range of rakhis varies from a few tens to some thousands, it is rather disappointing to notice that the old gaudy rakhis don’t seem to be made anymore. The ones with the shiny tassels that spread out way beyond our brothers’ wrists and made them want to wear long sleeves to cover them up.

rakhis in a Shimla stall


For me, those rakhis are reminders of a simpler time; a time when you wanted to show your brother that you loved him but also wanted to be a bratty sister and embarrass him a little. And even though I couldn’t find them, I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, helping a little sister be a bit of a brat.

Rakhi boxes


Origin: SUNO



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