Following Left-Liberal Accusations, Netizens Came Up With Hilarious Tweets On The Phrase ‘I Got A Death Threat’

6:54 pm 11 Jun, 2018


A closer look at the present Indian scenario will reveal that the left-liberal intelligentsia of the country is keen on hanging onto the political and ideological debates. Devoid of its roots among the actual masses, the debates are often restricted to literary, academic, and intellectual spheres. Engulfed in controversies, many left-liberals often emerge as the butt-of-the-joke for the masses. Recently, few left-liberals were seen using the Twitter to randomly accuse other of giving death threats. Under the phrase I got a death threat, they created a fuss that people are after their lives.

One particular tweet among many gained special attention was by Nidhi Razdan. She is among the journalists who introduced Rahul Gandhi every time he came in a new avatar. Already considered a left-liberal, her tweet attracted many hilarious comments. Here’s what she tweeted:



The term was soon picked up by the netizens and they started coming up with uproarious tweets. We bet you won’t be able to scroll through without laughing out loud:
















I got a death threat meem 2



What would be your I got a death threat tweet?

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