11 Pics That Show Western Hypocrisy While Dealing With Global Terror

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:06 pm

The world condemned the Paris attack and showed their grief through various social media links. In no time, French President Hollande declared a state of war with ISIS in Syria. No more peace agendas prevailed, they wanted to do the same as was done to them. Revenge took over the steering and drove over many innocent souls.


1. If you add fuel to a fire, you’re likely to get burned.


2. Ironic view of  France preaching peace and murdering thousands of lives.



3. They have not even blossomed yet, how can they be ISIS agents?



4. Whether Syria or Palestine, they don’t care!



5. As the Middle East burns, the world media stays in the money-making business!



6. Strategy? No, civilians everywhere are not even aware about the politics.



7. This will go on back and forth…



8. One day they will realize that nothing is left to fight over!



9. Because soon nothing will be left of reality.



10. You think you are safe? No, you are not!



11. The whole buzz will shift from France and Syria soon, as another eyeball grabbing conflict can take place any minute.



May be in your home country. Good luck!

Image credits: twitter