How Saudi Arabian Men Trick Poor Hyderabadi Families In Selling Their Girls To Sex Slavery

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Girls in Hyderabad are being trapped in sham marriages by so called sex tourists from Saudi Arabia. Agents from several countries in the Middle East and Africa are in touch with the brokers of Hyderabad. Further inquiries run about girls from poor families who think of their daughters as a burden to marry off.



Convincing these families, in return for a specific amount, their underage daughters are married off to old Arabian clients of these agents in return for a specific amount. However, these marriages are also a sham.

The wedding certificate signed is fake with no legal standing. For the purpose, a religious cleric is also involved with the network.

The girls being as young as 12, uneducated and unaware have no say in the marriage even though according to Islamic Law a girl’s consent is necessary for her marriage. The parents are fooled for getting their daughters married to rich Muslim men from Arabia thinking how fortunate their daughter’s luck has turned out to be.

 “They are a family of five live crammed into one tiny room in one of the poorest parts of Hyderabad. She says her husband was an alcoholic and they had no money, and she believed that selling her daughter would improve Begum’s life, as well as the family’s.
“We thought by doing it we could afford a small house and live there,” explained her mother. “Our life and our daughter’s life would have become good. That’s what we thought we should do” writes CNN who did a first-hand research in these Hyderabad homes.

However, the luck flips over once they reach Saudi Arabia. What was dreamed to be a paradise turns out to be a torturous hell.

“That night he took me with him. He forced himself on me. I was crying. [He said] I’ve bought you, I can do whatever I want. I’ve given your parents money, I can use you for as long as I like. Keep your mouth shut.”

This was the first night after marriage for a young 12 year-old Hyderabad girl sold as a sex slave in the veil of a bride.

The torture would continue for days and nights with her being locked into an isolated dingy room. After a few months when the client’s interest diminishes, he leaves her on the roads of a foreign country. These women are either gang raped or drugged from hereon to a helpless fate. Further, they end up languishing in jails once their visa expires.
It’s ironical how we are fighting for feminism in the West for a woman’s hijab but issues like these, which by the way have become a known and a ”usual” concept,  do not even find the light of the day for their justice.
Previously, Andhra Pradesh’s minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy not just acknowledged the things happening in his state but also wrote a letter to the foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj. However, the development, as “usual”, is still waiting in response.