Hyderabad Traffic Police Issues Challans Against Its Own Policemen For Violating Traffic Rules

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4:45 pm 29 Aug, 2017


In order to show that they practice what they preach, Hyderabad Traffic Police took to social media and revealed that they fine their own policemen who are found violating traffic rules.

A Hyderabad Police personnel riding a motorbike without helmet Twitter


This happened after Amjed Ullah Khan, spokesman of Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT), tweeted pictures of cops triple riding, riding their motorcycle without a helmet and parking their vehicle in a ‘No Parking’ zone.

Here are some tweets by Amjed Ullah Khan:



Soon after this, the traffic police started a new hashtag #PracticingwhatWePreached and uploaded pictures of a number of e-challans that were issued to policemen for not obeying laws. In August alone, the police issued 200 challans to policemen for violating traffic rules.

Have a look at Hyderabad Traffic Police’s tweets sharing pictures of challans issued to cops:


Deccan Chronicle quotes deputy commissioner of police (Traffic) A.V. Ranganath saying,

The public is posting pictures of traffic violations by policemen on social media including on our Facebook page and Twitter handle. So we are responding to them and providing details of the e-challans issued for the violations. Rules are uniform for motorists whether commoner or police officials. We can make out if the violator is a civilian or policeman through his uniform and vehicle. Apart from issuing challans we are also initiating disciplinary action against policemen including issuing memos and attaching them to police headquarters.

Besides issuing challans, Hyderabad Traffic Police has also initiated disciplinary action against policemen disobeying traffic rules by sending memos to the headquarters. Meanwhile, Amjed Ullah continues to post such pictures and also encourages others to follow suit.

It is not fair to ask of others to do what you are not willing to do yourself. Hyderabad Traffic Police has set an example that should be followed by police departments of other places as well. This will not only motivate people to not disregard the law but also restore their faith in the system.



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