How Hyderabad Traffic Police Fined The Additional Commissioner Is Commendable

6:14 pm 19 Nov, 2018


Parking and traffic rules in India are a mess, most often than not. We quite regularly hear of instances where the general public does not follow rules and regulations. And also how this disregard for traffic rules results in mishaps. We also hear a lot about how authorities fail to implement the law to the fullest. Well, this recent news about Hyderabad Traffic Police is a breath of fresh air.

The news is about how the Hyderabad traffic police fined a top cop for parking his vehicle in no parking zone. Yes, the traffic police have fined the Additional Commissioner of Traffic in Hyderabad.




The incident is of November 15, 2018, when the additional commissioner’s car was in no parking zone. A reporter, Abhinay Deshpandey tweeted about this and called on the Hyderabad traffic police.

Check out the tweet here:


Abhinay made the tweet to bring the fact to the notice of the respective authorities. And it seems like they heard.

Soon after that, the Hyderabad traffic police responded by tweeting the following:



The vehicle in question is registered under Telangana’s Director General of Police. But the Additional Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar, was using the vehicle to dispense his duties.

A media daily quoted Anil Kumar as saying the following about the incident:


“I was on a visit to Makankali Traffic Police Station in the afternoon of November 15. And it was not in my notice that my driver has parked my vehicle in the no-parking zone. As soon as it came to my notice after a person tweeted the picture of my vehicle parked at No Parking.”

He further added:

“Immediately I informed my officials to issue a fine on my vehicle and I asked my driver to pay for it. A fine of Rs 235 was imposed for wrong parking and was immediately paid.”



Well, we have to say what happened here and the actions taken by the traffic department are commendable. What do you think?

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