Relative Of Deceased Stone Pelter Slams Hurriyat Leaders, Exposes Their Hypocrisy. Watch Video

5:54 pm 5 Jun, 2018


A few days back, a 21-year-old youth succumbed to his injuries and passed away in Kashmir. He was one among the stone pelters who tried to attack and block a paramilitary CRPF vehicle passing through the street. While trying to get away the vehicle accidentally ran over the youth. The entire incident was recorded and later posted on social media. Soon the video went viral and drew mixed reactions from the netizens. Now another video of one of the relatives of the youth is circulating on internet where he questions the Hurriyat leaders.

Disillusioned by the separatists, this Kashmiri man slammed them for the death of the stone-pelter identified as Kaiser Ahmed. The man is seen accusing the leaders of their double standards too.



Hurriyat leaders slammed


It was reported that the incident took place when the Hurriyat leaders gathered at Kaiser’s house for mourning. Here the man made a plea to the leaders asking them not to provoke the others with the death of this young man.

He also speaks about Kashmiri separatist Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his practice of double standards. On this matter he said:

‘On one hand, Geelani Saab says don’t send your children to Christian schools and on the other, he calls Shabir Shah’s daughter, who was schooled at DPS, as a role model.’



Referring to the death of young Kaiser he further added:

‘The poor kid didn’t even know what Shahadat (martyrdom) means. His body was kept on the road for your (Hurriyat) politics.’


Hurriyat leaders slammed 2


In the video, it’s visible that the man gets overwhelmed with emotions. However, he goes on about the hypocrisy of the Hurriyat leaders:

‘A person who should be buried after his sacrifice… you have put him on display on the roads. This is Nizam-e-Mustafa (Shariah law)? Our Prophet never lets any funeral wait.”



He doesn’t leave any stone unturned and directly accuses them by saying:

“There is just sloganeering. Give us one answer as to what the leadership is doing? What does a martyr do in his grave? Lakhs of people are now scared by the name of Hurriyat.”

Here’s the full video:


The video soon went viral embarrassing the entire separatist leadership. And, here’s how Twitter reacted:










What’s your take on the whole matter?

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