This Pakistani Tribe Has The Most Beautiful Women In The World

8:00 am 10 Apr, 2018


There are a number of cultural communities around the world that are known for reasons ranging from weird customs to popular lifestyles. These communities have made their mark on the world map for one reason or the other.

There is one such tribal community residing around the mountains of Northern Pakistan, known to have the most beautiful women in the world. Shockingly, this community of 87,000 people living in the mountains of Northern Pakistan has an average life expectancy span of 120 years.




Yes, you heard it right! The tribal community is known as Hunza community where people live for more than 100 years on an average. There are many who live up to more than 150 years depending on their lifestyles.

People of Hunza community are known to have one of the healthiest ways of living in the world and because of it they look young and beautiful in their later years as well.



Another fascinating fact about the community is that most Hunza women are able to give birth till the age of 65, which can be pretty complicated for women normally. But, Hunza women are able to have babies at 65 in a healthy manner.

Therefore, this community proves to be a good example to depict, how pursuing a healthy lifestyle can bring positive changes in your life including an improved life expectancy rate and youthful beauty even in your senior years.



Apparently, the Hunza community claims to be the descendants of Alexander the Great.  So, they came into existence after Alexander conquered that area and they eventually got settled in the nearby villages, got married among to each other and created a living for themselves.



Talking about their lifestyle, they follow a strictly healthy lifestyle in which they eat a two-time meal and indulge in a lot of activities throughout the day.

Almost 99 per cent of the Hunza people are vegetarians. So, they eat large portions of cheese, milk, nuts, paneer and other dairy products. They tend to pursue a minimal but healthy diet for a youthful living.

Moreover, they start practicing long periods of fasting since an early age so that their diet remains low from the very beginning.



Hunza people involve themselves into Yoga practices with the start of their day with at least 3 hours of yoga exercises in the morning. As it is well known, the practice of yoga and regular exercise benefits  skin and body in various ways, they extract full benefits out of the practice.

One of the main reasons behind the Hunza beauty is the extensive consumption of wine. They drink wine even more than water as a medicinal product that gives them angelic beauty.



Evidently, the Hunza community came into the limelight around 1984, after one of the community members Said Abdul Mobudu confused the immigration officers in London after showing his passport. It was written that he was born in 1832.

They do not consume snacks, lunch and breakfast and walk up to 15 to 20 kilometers a day. They rarely consume meat in their diet and drink juice from dried apricot to protect themselves against tumor.



We should definitely learn some tips and tricks of a healthy lifestyle from them. What do you think?

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