18 ‘Humans Of’ Project Posts That Will Change The Way You Live Your Life

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4:34 pm 18 Nov, 2015


These are some of the most powerful posts from the ‘Humans of’ project. Taken from around the globe, they all have a big impact.


Humans of New York


“If people don’t start paying closer attention, we’re going to be living in a corporate fascist state in no time. We’re paying $3.50 for a cup of coffee. You know how much a POUND of coffee beans costs? $3.50. But nobody knows that. Cause nobody’s paying attention.”



Humans of Amsterdam


”One day I decided to let go of other peoples opinions about me.”
”How did you do that?”
”I am not sure, I just did.”


Humans of New York


“When my husband was dying, I said: ‘Moe, how am I supposed to live without you?’ He told me: ‘Take the love you have for me and spread it around.”


Humans of Berlin


“When I was a child, my grandma used to take me picking herbs. And afterwards we went to the morgue so she could see who died lately. I think that’s why I still have a very relaxed relationship to death. Although it’s always sad when a loved one passes away, no matter whether it’s a partner or a rat. Beautiful animals by the way.”


Humans of Karachi


“Carefully made out the words mumbled from his lips “Jabhi koi acha kaam karo beta bus khamoshi se karna. Woh jaante hain. Beshaq, Woh jaanta hai.

(Translation: Whenever you do good, do it quietly (without any fanfare). No doubt God knows (of your good deeds)- He knows all.)


Souls of San Francisco


“I’m from Jersey…I’m just really happy to be here.”


Humans of Rome


“They all think I come from [faking a British accent] THE UNITED KINGDOM, because I look like an English man. Oh, and also, because I sing! [starts singing God Save the Queen]”


Humans of Amsterdam


”As a child I grew up reading books like Robinson Crusoe and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I always felt a strong desire to live like an explorer. After high school I worked a 9 to 5 job. Months passed by and slowly I felt my dreams drifting away from me. One day I decided to change my life for good. I packed my stuff and left everything behind to be an adventurer. I only carry a sleeping bag and some clothing in my backpack and I go wherever the wind takes me. ”


Humans of Rome


“I am divorced and I have a daughter who is a big girl now. I got tired of ordinary life, of not having the ability to really choose anything. I am married with the street now. I want to choose to get dirty, to dive into fountains and then get dirty again. I want to walk barefoot, to sleep in churches, on bridges, under bridges, beneath the statues. I want to play music, hangout with my friends and my dog. People think I’m a druggie but – you see? – there are no holes in my arms.”


Humans of India


“I like the way things are changing, now.”


Humans of Tel Aviv


“For me God equals Love. It doesn’t matter which god you choose to believe in. The fact that you are a believer means you are a loving person”.


Humans of Buenos Aires


“The only thing I could never give up are my studies. Studying gives me too much satisfaction. ”


Humans of Bolivia


You have 25 dogs? how can you feed so many?

“At the beginning there was one that came behind me where I sell food. I decided to give it some food and many others came too. It’s hard to take care of all of them because they often fight with each other… Many of the dogs that come to me arrive hurt and they need the help of some vet who wants to do it by sheer will and love. The money I get is almost not enough for the month, but what can we do? I love them… and you need to take care of animals”


Humans of India


“I’m pretty sure that love and light have something to do with each other. That’s why Diwali’s cool. Lots of love in the air.”


Humans of Bolivia


“We want to be everything: Israelites, Japanese, cochalas … Dancing we are a bit of everything”


Humans of Singapore


“It’s easier to be single what. Otherwise get married got problems, husband gamble, cheat, go find china woman, drive you crazy. This way very easy. See this cat – his name Bobby. Some people in the market there think I’m crazy, got disease, that’s why they say I got no husband and play with cats all the time. But animals don’t see that. You treat them right, give them food, they be nice to you too.”


Humans of Seoul


“I have been volunteering at Cheonggyecheon introducing Korean history to tourists since 2006, the year I retired from my job”
“Why did you you decide to start volunteering?”
“In my old age I wanted to do something that had real meaning to it.”


Humans of Toronto


“I think the best way to make a friend is through wandering-seeing new parts of your city previously unknown, with friends not yet familiar, fueled with the comforts of coffees and cigarettes.
Our friendship has now blossomed through all of our shared adventures, and blooming with the prospect of future journeys to be held side by side.”


Credit: Boredpanda

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