15 Reasons Why People Should Stop Having Children

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7:00 pm 23 Sep, 2015

In today’s world, having children is perhaps a selfish act; a senseless one if you keep in mind that most people think that having progeny is a way of living on (not unless you plan to possess them like some evil spirit) or to be remembered (so tell me all about your great grandparents and their parents). A higher number of women and men today are deciding to not have children. They all have their own personal reasons for it, but there are some reasons that work across the board.

1. Babies are ugh

Unlike people who gush over any and every baby they come across, I think most babies look like ugly, old potatoes. To top it off, they poop, pee, barf, burp and do everything else that makes a human being disgusting. Add to that their helplessness; you have to do everything for them…for years.


2. Population explosion

We come up with these half-witted attempts to curb the population, but the truth is that as long as people are encouraged to procreate, they will. Why do you want kids anyway? It’s not even like its hard – anyone can have a baby. There shouldn’t be any sense of accomplishment about getting pregnant.


3. Dark future

With population explosion and limited resources and rising competitiveness, what odds does your child have? Once his/her days of being happy to have a drawing on the fridge are over, your child will only end up in a rat-race until the day he/she drops dead…no matter how hard you push him/her.


4. Children are monsters

While it’s normal to praise the innocence of children, children are really little monsters. They laugh at cartoons beating the shit out of each other, their behavior on the playground will put an adult to shame; they’re just selfish, egocentric and annoying little tyrants.


5. Environmentalism

As the population grows and requires more space, and the lifestyles get more sedate and reliant on technology, the effect this has on the environment is obvious. You can talk about recycling and cycling but not having kids would be like doing the earth a favor.


6. Hereditary issues

Most people have physical and mental issues running through their family tree. What is the point of knowingly birthing a child who will have to suffer from massive inadequacies? Even worse, why have a child when there’s a big chance it could end up being a malignant narcissist?


7. Quality of your life

Once you have children, you have to give them a greater focus than yourself. This is a big drain on the time that everybody needs to work on themselves, to make sure that they are happy as well. When you have to put your dreams and desires on hold, the quality of your life decreases.


8. Responsibility for life

Once you’ve had kids, there’s no going back. You’re completely responsible for them for at least the first 18 – 24 years of life and even after that there is no respite. If you’re lucky they’ll manage to get a life; if not, they’ll still be leaning on you when they’re 58.


9. Not good for romance

According to Gottman Relationship Institute, 70 % of couples experienced a slump in the quality of their relationship in 3 years after the birth of their first child. Couples expect that a child they created will increase their happiness and bring them closer, but it often doesn’t.


10. Kids cause unhappiness

A 2014 Gallup study revealed that people in South Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa had a lower life evaluation when they had kids; this means that, in these areas, people with kids were less happy in general that those who did not have children.


11. Financial drain

Children drain your bank account and dash any carefree dreams you might have had before them – unless you’re super rich and can pay others to raise your child (but in that case, why have a child at all?). In a poll in the US, 41% of people found kids more financially draining than they expected.


12. Effects on the body

When people describe the joys of pregnancy, they often leave out what it does to the female body – stretch marks, loose skin, weak vaginal walls and saggy labia majora to name a few. This makes women feel insecure about their bodies and worried about not being attractive anymore.


13. Post retirement life

With job opportunities and travel being easier now, there’s a good chance your kids will move away. You know you’re most likely going to land up in an old age home. Why not save your money and choose which one you end up in rather than give your money to your kids and hope they do right by you?


14. Familial murders

Even though incidents like spree killings shock us most, the fact is that most murders are committed by people who know the victim well. Cases of husbands, wives and even children killing their family members are so common that the police usually suspects family members first.


15. Adopt if you’re desperate

There are many children who are growing up without any hope of seeing a better tomorrow. If you really wish to become a parent, why not adopt a child to whom you can give a chance of having a better life? They might not carry your DNA but they are human, just like you.


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