A Female Fan Of Yuvraj Singh Tweaked A Quiz To Make Herself His Girlfriend. And He Responded.

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Updated on 19 May, 2015 at 7:43 pm


When you are a celebrity, you are used to hear all kinds of stories about yourself. Yuvraj Singh became one such case, recently. His fans informed him about a lady named Huma Anjum, who claimed to be his girlfriend in a contest floated on a very popular browser.

A shocked Yuvi tweeted this after learning about the incident –




It was later discovered that Huma Anjum worked as a product manager for UC Browser and a huge fan of Yuvraj. She used her employee access to upload a quiz on the cricket page of the browser that was designed to show her as Yuvi’s girlfriend.


The question was:

Who will make the best couple with Yuvraj Singh? Alia? Shraddha or Huma?


And when people clicked on any of the options, it returned the same answer – Huma.



After Yuvi’s tweet, Huma went ahead and tweeted this video to Yuvraj.



UC Browser had to intervene and apologized to Yuvi on Huma’s behalf.



To which Yuvraj responded:


And it didn’t end there. Huma was finally able to meet Yuvraj after this stunt.



A happy ending. 



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