This Woman’s Way Of Wishing Eid Creates A Long Queue Of Men In UP, And Twitterati Reacts Hilariously

2:21 pm 18 Jun, 2018


A hug is often considered one of the sweetest forms of endearment among humans. Even science says that this form of interpersonal touch actually helps in reducing stress and anxiety. The National Hugging Day is celebrated each year on January 21. However, this desirable form of communication is not without its long queue of controversies. Before knowing what happened this time, let’s know about the previous fiascos.

At the beginning of his India visit in February 2018, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a hug from Indian PM Narendra Modi. Naturally, that invited hilarious comments from netizens.



Not only this but PM Modi’s habit of often embracing the other world leaders have supplied netizens with an unlimited source of entertainment, here’s a quick glimpse of his hugging saga:



Jumping from a lighter note to a serious one, a Kerala student was expelled from school when she apparently hugged her classmate for ‘too long.’ The moral policing by the school certainly sparked a debate among netizens including MP Shashi Tharoor who accused the school of “’sexualizing innocent affection.’



Other than these, India also witnessed hugs among Bollywood celebs that left everyone stunned. Here are few such instances. When SRK hugged ‘bhai’ after years of rivalry:



Fans were left surprised when Jaya Bachchan hugged Rekha considering their enmity over the latter’s affair with former’s husband Amitabh Bachchan:



When Deepika had a group hug with ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and present partner Ranveer Singh:



By now it’s clear to you that our story revolves around the act of hugging. Recently, a video resurfaced where a girl is seen hugging people to wish them happy Eid. The incident took place in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh:



However, the aspect that captured the attention of the netizens is that people who are receiving hugs are mostly men.



In the video, it’s seen that men of different ages form a queue to get a hug from the lady.



Before telling you how the Twitterati reacted, here’s the video:



Most of the people pointed out the fact that the men are more inclined to hug her because of her gender rather than to celebrate an auspicious occasion. Some also went ahead and praised the girl:










Unsurprisingly, there were also those who tried to shame the woman:








What do you think of the entire incident?