Hrithik, Ever The Gentleman, Tries To Shame Kangana Into Backing Off

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3:00 pm 4 Apr, 2016

Hrithik Roshan has taken to naming names in the very public, and very ugly, mud-slinging match that’s been going on between him and Kangana these past couple months.

Hrithik’s lawyers have tried to spin his cowardly silence on the Kangana affair as “gentlemanly behaviour”. Except that every time he does “break his silence” he comes off as a giant douchebag.


Not two weeks ago, Hrithik claimed someone had created a false email account in his name and had been exchanging emails with “certain people”. Now he’s saying Kangana, or better yet, “Queen star” sent compromising pictures to that fake email ID thinking she was sending them to him.

It’s a tactic as old as time, and it’s only gotten dirtier over the years. The easiest thing to do when you’re fighting a woman is throw her character into question and bam, you’re sorted!

As much as he likes to go on and on about honor and integrity and so on and so forth, Bollywood’s resident “macho man” has, thus far, refused to live up to any and all notions of honor. And while he continues to deny ever having had any sort of personal relationship, or even communication, with Kangana, he does go on to stroke his own ego by saying that she, like so many other people, sent nude pics to this mysterious impersonator thinking it was Hrithik, hoping to make it big in the film industry.


Erm, how does he know what people are sending to this “fake” ID? I mean, that’s kinda the deal with identity theft innit, that you don’t bloody know who’s impersonating you and what nefarious deeds they’re doing in your name?!! This Roshan fella seems to know a lot about what’s coming into this email account.

Think about it. Which scenario is more plausible? One, the person who has “stolen” Hrithik’s identity gives him regular updates. Or two, it’s his own account and he just doesn’t want to own up to it.

Also, who are these people who send nude pics to random movie folk?!! Who are they? What world do they bloody live in?

Hrithik Roshan needed daddy dearest to help him get into the movie business. He still mostly does movies his father makes. Who are these idiots who think he can help them when he’s barely managing to stay afloat himself?

And anyway, this guy’s got a big mouth! Steer clear of Hrithik Roshan and his email accounts (both real and “fake”), people! There’s no telling whom he might name next. The Pope, maybe, since he’s obsessed with him and wants to date him and whatnot!

I wish he’d sack up and say it like it is, instead of hiding behind family honor, mysterious impersonators and other namby pamby bullshit!


And I thought he couldn’t stoop any lower! I guess I underestimated the creep.



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