Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut’s Legal Battle Far From Over; Police Investigation Still On

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2:36 pm 18 Nov, 2016

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s legal team on November 17 made it clear that his legal battle with Kangana Ranaut is far from over and any news claiming so are false.


Further, they added that the false news was a mischief from the rival Ranaut camp and they had ‘unimpeachable evidence’ that their client and Ranaut had absolutely no relation what so ever .

The statement, which was given by a representative of Hrithik Roshan’s Legal Team said,

“Media reports which suggest that the investigation into the Hrithik – Kangana emails is closed, are totally false. A section of the media in connivance with Ms. Ranaut’s lawyer have sought to disseminate this false information. The investigation in fact continues and it is categorically asserted that there is unimpeachable evidence to suggest that there was no relationship of any kind between Mr. Roshan and Ms. Ranaut.”

The controversy, which started in March this year, had Kangana accusing Hrithik of being in a relationship with him, while Roshan rejected such claims.


Over the weeks the fight got so ugly that both parties approached Mumbai court and investigation on the matter was set up by the Cyber Police.

A certain section of media on November 17 morning had claimed that the Cyber Police had closed its investigation, which Mahesh Jethmalani, Hrithik Roshan’s lawyer, later denied and  termed as misleading.

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