5 Things Which Destroyed Hrithik Roshan’s Chance To Be Our SRK Forever

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Updated on 1 Aug, 2016 at 9:21 pm


What were the three things which came to your mind when you saw this new guy for the first time in the wake of new millennium?

Duh. Good looks, good looks,


But how long would that suffice?

Don’t get me wrong. As my innate ability to identify talent grew just as asymmetrically as Hrithik’s career graph, I realized this man is much more than his Greek, endorphin-induced looks. He dances like a breeze and acts (and just sometimes over-acts ) with an unmatched intensity. Moreover, his humble interviews and his adorable real-life love story and loyalty gave me more reason to keep falling for him.

But let’s admit, times have changed. To be honest, Hrithik Roshan has been playing too hard and quite messy – of course, both in his personal and professional life. Here’s how he could still have been a reigning star on the box-office…and our hearts:

1. If only he didn’t invite his exclusivity and retirement so soon


I don’t cheer for back to back crappy releases, yet a release after the launch of two generations is a little too much for a star to maintain his stature.  To be precise, he has had 20 releases in a span of 16 years in the industry as an actor. This is perfectionism beyond Aamir Khan- and mind you, there’s a difference of more than a decade between the two. Was Aamir this choosy before? No, he couldn’t afford to be. No one should be unless you take the liberty of being a star kid, which for one, I didn’t expect Hrithik to.

2. If only he played characters I can have coffee with

I understand his thirst of diversity, but just sometimes, does it hurt to play one of us? Barring ”Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and his 2000’s releases, the last decade has mostly seen Roshan starring in supernatural, super-inflicted, super-mythological movies. And of course, I am ignoring Bang Bang which apparently earned whatever it could only because of his Greek, endorphin-inducing looks. Other than that, are we humans of this century too bad for you?

3. If only he didn’t star in Honey Singh’s Dheere Dheere

Not getting any movie released AND starring in one of these Honey Singh’s videos make for a deadly cocktail. Hrithik’s acting and dance moves both were OTT. Honey Singh’s voice on Hrithik’s Greek, endorphin-induced face screamed Monisha caught up in Maya Sarabhai’s body. You get the point, right? It was a bad, bad idea especially at a time when his infidelity and divorce news were already giving us reasons to be annoyed at him.

 4. If only he stayed shut in Kangana’s controversy

God, Hrithik’s legal action against Kangana Ranaut can easily be labelled as the worst and the most tragic move of his life – worse than Yaadein or Main Prem Ki Deewani Hun for that matter. The verdict isn’t out yet, so we can’t pick on who’s right or wrong, BUT we all know things could have stayed calm and sober had our super-hero played little of a gentlemen like all the other previous (read Kareena Kapoor)  times. Didn’t we like him for the very reason that he was never in a gossip column for a wrong reason?

5. If only he didn’t remain a Daddy’s boy for this long

He was never a spoilt star kid, but somewhere his continual priority for his Godfather/father/home production over these two decades cost him a lot of golden movies to miss out on- Swades and Dil Chahta Hai to name a few. Even though he managed to become a superstar, he remained too cocooned to fly. His interviews remained controlled, his public interaction limited and his journey largely untold. We could only see him on a 70mm screen in a larger-than-life avatar- never too close, never too personal to become a forever in our lives.


And so that’s how, a multi-million package introduced in the new millennium is known by his looks, looks, and good looks till date. Wikipedia cites him as the ”most attractive Indian celebrity”. This is exactly how Hrithik Roshan remained a phase and never came close to become an era.



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