Hrithik’s Lawyers Say Kangana Had An Affair With An Imposter, And Take Action Against Her

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4:09 pm 22 Apr, 2016


It’s a tale that has gone from being curious to messy to confusing to just plain meh. The public has always been interested in stars’ affairs but this one seems to be the one that’ll make them OD on it.

First, Kangana (29) called Hrithik (42) her “silly ex”, then Hrithik sent her some legal notice. Kangana sent him a notice right back accusing him of circulating private mails and photos. After that, followed a barrage of accusations and counter-accusations.


Meanwhile Hrithik has proved that playing things cool is just not his forte, while Kangana seems to be brushing off his constant attacks as well as she can.

Now, lawyers for Roshan have said they’ll prove that Kangana had an affair with an imposter. According to sources, Kangana had an affair with an imposter for 6 months. Apparently, anonymous police sources have told DNA, “Hrithik’s forensic report show no association with It’s evident that she carried forward her communication of 6 months with the imposter.”

All this is very confusing. Hrithik and Kangana’s affair started when they worked on one of those godawful Krrish movies. So it’s not like a star-struck starlet was having an e-mail affair – two celebs working together were having the affair. They were bound to meet at parties and social dos as well.


Second, while news of Kangana having sent risqué photos and videos have done the rounds, according to sources, Hrithik also sent the star pics and videos of himself. Of course, I’m guessing those pics won’t have a face on them.

Third, in this day and age, who the hell only e-mails? Even our online friends, who we’ve never met, have our phone numbers and sometimes our addresses. Even interviews take place on Skype. It’s a little hard to believe that Kangana would merely write mails to Hrithik and do no more.



Now, Kangana’s team says that Hrithik told her to use this e-mail id so that his divorce proceedings don’t get affected. Did he say this to her via the false e-mail itself? Did they never talk about it when they met?

Also, how the hell does Roshan have so much information on what exactly his imposter did with his fake e-mail id?


MOST IMPORTANTLY, put yourself in Hrithik’s shoes (ugh, I know) – if you found out that someone had used your fake profile to get some innocent person to send them semi or fully nude pics and videos, would you be more interested in bringing the culprit to justice or harassing the victim even more??

Either way, this Roshan man needs to get his life in order.