How “My HQ” Is Changing Our Work Style, Space And Cafes In Delhi

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7:45 pm 17 Nov, 2016

If you’re given an option to work-from-home, you’d leap with joy, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their bedroom, coupled with hot chocolate and the freedom to work in pajamas all day long? Not me. Not me who certainly has the option to work from home and has seen both – the good and the bad of it.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but there’s more bad to it: You have to pay your WiFi bills. You MOSTLY do not get your work done on time. You sleep – A LOT MORE THAN NECESSARY. You are sent to incessant grocery trips – just because you’re at home. You are distracted by your sister watching re-runs of FRIENDS. And trust me, the list continues.





Working from cafes either doesn’t turn out to be as promising as it looks. It’s not just expensive in the long-term but sometimes can prove to be extremely futile and boring when it gives you nothing new to add to your business.

MY HQ has found a mid-way to deal with this crisis. A curated work space within a cafe promises you a productive, innovative and an exciting everyday.

Imagine a place with free WIFi, heavily discounted and customized food, a good scope for networking and interesting, informative events everyday?

MY HQ is all of it.

Utkarsh, an IIT-graduate was running an NGO when he realized he doesn’t have the right place to meet and engage with his clients and volunteers. Cafes were too crowded and expensive to hold any of these meetings.

This is where the idea of HQ was born.

”Most of the lounges and cafes are deserted in day-time. We had a deal with these cafes that they can give us space and we can give them a crowd. In such a win-win situation, who could have said a No?” says Utkarsh, the founder of MY HQ.



3 Reasons To Choose Smart HQ Cafes Over Regular Cafes:

Exciting Events

My HQ doesn’t just provide you a serious work space environment in a quirky ambiance but also holds a number of events to engage its members, inform them about budding trends and provide them a fun activity to network more. In its recent past, it has held a number of successful events like ”Breakfast Meet: Founders and Investors” and ”Digital Marketing 101: Minimum Investment, Maximum Outcome”. In fact, they also hold events like that of board games to up the fun factor.


On 19th, a Chess Game will be held at Barcelos, Hauz Khas. 


Economical Plans

My HQ gives you a choice of four reasonable plans which are way cheaper than your regular visits to these high-end cafes. A redeemable plan of Rs.5499 for a month gives you a customized, healthy eating option everyday – along with various other facilities like connectivity, stationary, printing, scanning and networking.



Flexibility of different Cafes

In a world where assortment is our first choice, My HQ has an option to choose a different cafe as per your need and preferences. Currently running in six cafes across different locations in Delhi, MY HQ plans to expand further. The flexibility of choosing a new place not just saves you from monotony but also gives you a chance to meet new people and taste new places.

As of now, you can find MY HQ work spaces here: Zu Tisch – GK1, GetAFix- GK1, Fat Lulu’s – DLF IV Gurgaon, Tea Trails – CP, Barcelos – HKV, Truly Madly Cafe – Lado Sarai 




The concept of My HQ is not on the lines of co-working spaces but more on an idea of creating smart cafes. My HQ is an amazing blend of online and offline networking in one physical space. If you’re still stuck in the rut of work from home or in 4 x 4 office cubicle, you know you are compromising with your creativity.

Choose to work smart by choosing MY HQ. 


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