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Howrah Rickshaw-puller Restores Our Faith In Humanity With His Unbelievable Act

Published on 6 August, 2018 at 2:56 pm By

In times like these, we hardly come across people who do something that makes us believe in humanity. In this busy world where people are living for themselves, we come across very few stories where people did certain things for others, keeping our faith in mankind alive. In a surprising turn of events, we came across a similar act by a Howrah rickshaw puller and we cannot be more respectful towards him.


Apparently, the 54-year-old rickshaw puller in Howrah, Kolkata, found a bag full of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and cash, in his rickshaw when he returned home after a long day at work. The bag belonged to a 58-year-old lady named Rukmini Devi who was a resident of Dubai. She was in the town to visit her relatives in India. According to media reports, Rukmini went shopping for some gold and diamond jewelry for herself in the nearby Bajrangbali Market in Howrah after which she took the ride back home in the rickshaw.



There was worth Rs 2.98 lakh of gold and diamond jewelry in the bag and also some cash worth Rs. 60,000 as well. After finding the bag of jewelry and cash, the Howrah rickshaw-puller, whose name has been revealed as Mantu Saha, discussed the situation with her wife and what they later decided to do with the bag will make you honor the man and his family even more.



Mantu and his wife decided to return the bag to the police station and they left their four kids at home to return the bag to the nearest police station. The police in-charge at the station immediately called Rukmini Devi after some investigations and she came to the station to confirm on the things in the bag.


Rukmini Devi rewarded Rs 10,000 to the Howrah rickshaw-puller for his noble act of humanity and even promised to send some more money from Dubai to buy a rickshaw as well.



Even the netizens are all-praises about the acts of the Howrah rickshaw-puller. Take a look at some of the tweets applauding the man for his act of humanity:







Proud moment!



Honesty is still alive!



Good news indeed!



Heroic act!


Hats off!


Evidently, such incidents make us believe that there will always be good men who will keep doing good jobs to keep our belief in humanity alive.



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