Twitterati Went Crazy On Being Asked How Would A Snake Wield A Knife

10:30 am 21 Jul, 2018


Snakes are hated for many reasons. For some, they can be lethal, venomous, or creepy. For others, they can be cute. What happens when you pair two of the most deadly things that exist in this world? Well, a knife and a snake to be precise. Snakes symbolize wisdom, rebirth, immortality, and transformation but nobody had the idea about how a snake would wield a knife. How would a snake wield a knife? Well, surely it makes us curious. After all, both snakes and knives have a characteristic in common; they can scare the s**t out of you!

Yes, sir! It happened when a twitter user Chappell Ellison posted a picture of two snakes which were holding knives. One held it via its tail while the other wielded it with its mouth.




Looking at the picture one could figure it out that it was a puzzle. Further, the text on the picture said, if a snake would wield a knife, would she hold it like the one in left or right? It was not just the image that captured the attention of the Netizens, but the very fact that how would a snake actually do that, made them curious.

It seems that our Tweeples surely know the answer to every possible question. In fact, many people came up with answers which will surely make you laugh like crazy. For instance, a Twitter user said that it’s better to go for the tail, while another Twitter user quoted that both are good. Some people even gave unimaginable reasons to support their answers.


See what netizens had to say about it:


Quite logical, isn’t it?!




And she bats for the tail!




Now that’s a point!



Cheers to both!



It seems that the social media is filled with people asking all sort of questions. Who could have ever thought that a ridiculous question like how would a snake wield a knife will create so much of buzz? The Internet surely is a bizarre place!