How Twitter Universe Reacted To The Germany vs Argentina Match At Maracana In FIFA World Cup 2014

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4:07 pm 14 Jul, 2014


The age of Deutschland began in Brazil the moment one of the German boys smartly executed a pass he received into the Argentine net. The scintillating finish was what separated the winner from the loser besides proving to the world that one man, howsoever capable he may be, cannot win a World Cup all by himself. ‘Super’ Mario Gotze did what more than half the football fans around the world would have loved to see from Lionel Messi – score a goal. The moment it happened, Germany manager Joachim Loew, who has been undoubtedly the smartest looking manager in this edition of the World Cup, and the rest of the German bench allowed their collective emotions to get the better of them. But it was not just Maracana in Rio where a furious fire blazed; Twitter universe, too, appeared to have been ignited by millions and millions of frantic followers of the Beautiful Game. According to Twitter data, the #GER vs #ARG and #WorldCupFinal hashtags set a new record or 618,725 tweets per minute (TPM), beating the record set in the Germany-Brazil match with Sami Khedira’s goal in the 29th minute launching a landslide 580,166 TPM. Here is how Indian celebrities reacted alongside the world.
























The most lovable of them all:




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