9 Steps That Will Help You Take A Perfect Selfie

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 3:28 pm


1. Feel good about yourself

This is the most important step. You body language, your eyes and your pose will work to your advantage only when you’re feeling good about yourself.

2. Have a good front-facing camera

Few of us are pro enough to click good selfies with the back-facing camera, so get a phone that has a good front-facing camera.

3. Good lighting is key

Artificial lighting can give you different hues, so unless it’s good artificial lighting, try to have natural light falling on you.

4. A good filter will accentuate your best features


Familiarize yourself with the different filters on your phone. You usually have a range of them as well as photo editing apps to help you get a perfect selfie.

5. Different faces look better in different angles

Different angles highlight different face types and their best features. As a basic: for a fuller face, go higher, and for a thinner face, try a frontal.

6. Angles look better than full frontal

Unless you have time to Photoshop the heck out of a pic, take your selfie at an angle – higher, sideways and angled forward is best.

7. Take many so you’ll get at least one good one

Most of the time, we don’t get the right look in one try. Not even professionals are that lucky, so take plenty of pics to choose from.

8. Don’t look at the camera with blank eyes

Have an expression otherwise you might end up looking dull. You can choose to smile or frown or even look mischievous.

9. Don’t focus too much on background


A selfie is about you. Sure you might want to show what a cool a place you’re at, but remember, you’re the star of your selfie.

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