How To Start Your Own Country In 13 Simple Steps

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:50 pm


1. Meet the requirements of Article 1 of 1933 Montevideo Convention.

The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

a) A permanent population;

b) A defined territory; (could be an island in the middle of nowhere, built or discovered, but should not be within 12 nautical miles of another country’s shore or in an Exclusive Economic Zone.)

c) A government;

d) And, capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

2. If you satisfy the above four criterions, you are now ready to declare independence, but…

a) Let the world know the names of the leaders – King, Queen, PM, etc.

b) And, get it covered by press – how else will you ensure the success of ‘a’?

3. Recognition of your country is absolutely essential.

Get friendly nations on board; convince them you pose no threat. Their recognition of your country will boost your economic and political prospects. But remember, not everyone will recognise you.

4. Become a UN member.

UN membership depends on your relationship with permanent member countries of the body. If you are a friend of the US but not of China, your membership may be difficult.

5. You need a national anthem.


Your people must have something that inspires them to be patriotic. You can either make one or borrow tunes from some other country.

6. Get your country on Google Maps.

Google is very helpful about such things.

7. You need a population for your country’s progress.

Population will help you kick-off an economy and stuff like that. Oh, and ensure that it is above 160 – to avoid inbreeding.

8. And you need a currency.

How else will you conduct trade and transact everyday activities? If you cannot design and print your own money, outsource the task.

9. A Constitution is a must.

You may have more than one (Dominican Republic, Venezuela, etc.), a really big one (as India’s) or a small one (as that of US).

10. Also, form laws to govern your people and prevent anarchy.


Basically a do-and-don’t instruction manual for your people.

11. Ensure you are well-connected to the world.

Yeah, dude, you need high-speed internet connectivity, telephone lines and stuff like that to stay in touch with your friends and hear from your enemies.

12. Get a country profile on Wikipedia.

Easy thing. Do it yourself or ask them to do it. This will help attract tourists and prospective immigrants.

13. Learn from experiences of others.

History will give you a long list of successful and unsuccessful attempts in forming a country. Learn from them.