How This Girl Went From From Size XXL To Small And From Fat To ‘Annoyingly’ Fit

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8:37 pm 7 Jan, 2018


26-year-old Chandni Sehgal knows “being fit” is only a state of mind and body and that physical fitness isn’t the only standard of looking at perfection.

She also knows that one has to value their God-given body and not let it go.

While she understands and truly agrees with the concept of true beauty being “skin deep,” the 26-year-old also understands that for one to be truly happy, they also need to be content with their body and truly work towards achieving that body.

In a recent post in Vogue, Chandni poured her heart out and shared her story from being fat to “annoyingly” fit.

The journey she shares is in no way easy, and we must warn you that before you try to “copy” it, be ready to give it you 1000% or not give up on it halfway into to the regime.

In her story, Chandni has clearly stated that the secret to her success is keeping at it every single day of her life and not straying away from her exercise commitment.

Her story also shows that the battle to being skinny is not just physical but mental as well and that one constantly fights with their inner demons where the “fat girl” is always rejected.


For Chandni, it was her resolve to be able to run 10km that did the trick besides the regular commitment to finding the right diet, give up on comfort food and sugar and to regularly work out.

She also made sure she was losing weight the right way (for her- to each it’s different) and consulted a physician and nutritionist before setting her meal and exercise plan.

She stuck to her “40 days theory” and biggest of them all she found the right reason to chase after weight dream and found her partner in crime that kept her motivated.

For her the secret was running—a 13-week programme that took me from running 5km a day to 10km a day and not give into her desire to cheat or skip the workout.

She found what thrills her made her and made appreciate her every working muscle.

She also found a running buddy who became her biggest cheerleader and kept her motivated the right way and her resolve that if she wanted a slice of cake, she will have it but will up her workout so as to compensate for that cake.

She also made sure that readers understand that all this was not just a diet or a fad for her but her life.

While many might not agree with her way or thought, let’s be honest, being skinny makes her happy and at the end of the day that is all that one wants.

Further one also needs to understand that instead of going drastic she has made sure she does it the right way.


So Kudos girl!!

You can read all about Chandni’s journey here

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