This Is How Sonakshi Reacted To Sonam Kapoor’s ‘Sorry For Throwing Attitude’ Tweet

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12:48 pm 13 Feb, 2018

Over the years Bollywood has grown massively and along with it the concept of how an actor or actresses should or shouldn’t behave have also changed.

While diplomacy has always remained a strong suit for many of these actors, in recent time even this so-called “diplomacy” has seen variations where the two choose to voice their displeasure for each other but still work together in the name of “professionalism.”

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While the actors might not be known for catfights anymore, the arrival of social media has made it easier for two actors to connect with each other and voice exactly what they feel about the other person.

Taking a similar route actress Sonam Kapoor recently took to Twitter and posted an apology to fellow actress Sonakshi Sinha, who, along with designer Manish Malhotra, had attended Neha Dhupia’s the Vogue BFFs show.

During the show, Sonakshi had said that she had once faced ‘a lot of attitude’ from Sonam ‘which was unnecessary.’


Sonam, though didn’t agree with her allegation, made it a point to clarify and also apologise to Sonakshi for “unintentionally” hurting her.


Sonakshi, seeing such a warm message from Sonam replied in a similar fashion and said that at times they are “coaxed into saying certain things which they really don’t want to”.

While the two actors seem to have set their differences apart Twitterati had mixed reaction to their tweets-

What are your thoughts on Sonam- Sonakshi’s “frenemy” tweets, do you think they are genuine?