This Is How Netizens Reacted After An iPhone X Exploded While Upgrading To iOS 12.1

4:16 pm 15 Nov, 2018


Is all not well with the smartphone giant Apple and the quality of its products gone down after Steve Jobs left, as some users allegedly claimed? Well, while we can’t completely agree to that, it seems like the brand often finds itself in the controversies with something or the other. And here is another one yet again. An iPhone X user in the US recently reported a phone exploding case on social media and the alleged incident has woken up the conscience of the users yet again.

An iPhone X user, named Rocky Mohamadali, has reported that his phone got hot and exploded while in the process of upgrading to 12.1 iOS. He also shared the images of the exploded unit on his Twitter handle.




The user has reportedly claimed that he was charging the phone when the alleged incident happened. It is said that he even confirmed that he was using the original charger to charge the phone.

It seems he bought the phone in January and it showed no problem all this while. However, he said that just after the iOS 12.1 was successfully installed, it started emitting smoke and then exploded.



The user took to Twitter and posted the images of the exploded iPhone X unit with the cracked glass and burn marks clearly visible. This is what he wrote and posted:



However, after this alleged incident was posted on social media, many ‘frustrated’ users, taking the opportunity, reacted to it, but it was not what we expect. Sad for the smartphone maker! Well, let’s take a look at some of the users’ reactions below:


Apple down after Steve Jobs no more?



Waiting for my phone to explode too!



Apple joining Xiaomi Redmi?



Time to dump Apple products?



Is it so, Apple will find a way to blame it on the user?



iPhone running very slow and hot!



OMG! Phone caught fire and burned his hand and carpet!




Meanwhile, it is said that the user has given this information to Apple and the company is investigating the matter. Needless to mention, iOS 12.1 has earlier been in controversies for security issues.