How Nagpur Is Protecting Motorists From Heat Wave, And Making Them Stop At Signals

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4:44 pm 25 Apr, 2016

A merciless sun is burning the land and killing the people of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

While every effort is being made to help the drought hit districts in Maharashtra, city authorities in Nagpur have found a novel way of protecting the people from the wrath of the Sun.



Yes, that’s one huge tarpaulin cover set up at a traffic intersection!

The cover provides the much needed shade for the motorists who wait for the light to turn green at the signal.


A heat wave is bellowing across parts of the Deccan Plateau and has claimed around 160 lives so far, including one at Nagpur on April 15.

Nagpur has been recording above 43 degree Celsius for the last seven days and above 40 degree Celsius since the start of this month.

Meteorologists predict that the heat wave will continue for the next few days, possibly weeks.


Social media users pointed out that the green cover also acts as an incentive for motorists to stop at the signal when the light is red.


After all, who would leave the shade for the blistering Sun?



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