You’ll Be Surprised To Know How Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar Met. Take A Look!

7:21 pm 1 Sep, 2018


The world is surely small, no matter where you go, you meet plenty of people. Among those people, there are some who go, and there are some who sit by you and offer you company. And trust me, if you are lucky enough, there are some who choose to stay! Yes, that is what I feel, after listening about the much fateful meeting of Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar. Just as Master Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda) said, “There are no accidents”. Trust me, you’ll just adore the way how Milind and Sonam met. Just read below, and rest can wait. 

Did anyone ever tell about the that it takes mere seconds to be struck by the cupid’s arrow? Or that love often blossoms in the most unusual ways possible? Just hear me out!



Lately, Soman and Ankita have faced a lot of criticism for their striking age gap of 25 years. Milind who is 52, married the Assamese beauty Ankita Konwar on April 22, 2018, in Alibaug. Now my question to you out there is, “how does it matter?” If you are in love and want to be with your special someone, then I think, nothing can, and should stop you.



I believe that every love story is sweet, and the story about how it started is sweeter. Coming on to the topic, Milind and Sonam met randomly in a nightclub. It wasn’t planned, and it wasn’t anticipated. It was something which was meant to be. It didn’t take much time for the couple to bond. And, who could have ever thought that such random meeting can turn out to be eternal? 





In a recent report, lovestruck Milind said:

“It was really unexpected because I hadn’t been to a nightclub in six or seven years at the time and haven’t been to one since. I don’t go to nightclubs. But, I was in Chennai because of the Pinkathon there and the hotel partner said that it was ladies’ night and asked me if can go. I thought, okay, I can go for maybe 10-15 minutes. And that was it. Those 10-15 minutes were enough for a lifetime.”



After dating each other for 5 years, the couple finally got hitched, and we couldn’t feel happier!



In fact, Ankita Konwar recently had her birthday. To make her day extra special Milind posted a picture, and boy it is clear how much he loves her!


How Milind and Sonam met, is not less than a fairy tale! Do you have such a love story of your own, if yes, then don’t forget to share it!