5 Ways Men And Women Are Different When It Comes To Intimacy And Sex

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7:30 am 8 Jul, 2018


The debate of how men and women are different has been a longstanding one and will continue to be so for a longtime. The reason being that though they’re of the same species, their needs, wants, thinking, and a lot of other things are so varied that no one has been able to zero it down to just a few lines. One aspect where men and women differ is when it comes to relationships. Where women look for a deeper, meaningful connect men are comfortable even with companionship.

Another aspect of a relationship in which these two genders differ is that of intimacy and sex. For men, these two usually merge into the same thing. But for women these two form a major part of their relationships. Have a look at 10 other ways on how men and women are different when it comes to intimacy and sex.

1. Sexual Intimacy vs Emotional Intimacy

This forms the most basic core of how men and women are different. Because, for men sexual intimacy leads to emotional intimacy whereas for women it is the other way round.


2. Intimacy or  Sex

If ever asked to choose between a heart-to-heart conversation or an activity which is likely to get them closer to each other and having sex, most men would likely choose the latter whereas women, who usually look for a deeper connection would opt for the former. That’s how men and women are different in the way they choose, because men think sex is intimacy in itself.


3. Physical Release or Emotional Connect

For most men sex is a physical release whereas for women sex is something to be taken up after an emotional connect or to deepen it.



4. Conversation vs activities

Where women considering talking or conversing as being an intimate moment or a way to get close to someone, men believe engaging in interesting and adventurous activities like skiing, playing a favorite sport together are intimate moments. So intimacy for women is talking face-to-face, whereas for men it is working or playing side-by-side.


5. Testosterone Vs Estrogen

Intimacy for men requires being in a comfort zone and men’s testosterone being associated with competitiveness they would most likely consider activities like ‘debating’ as intimate. Whereas, women’s estrogen is associated with social and nurturing, hence for them getting close to someone would may be require activities such as ‘taking a vacation with closest friends’ or ‘organizing an event together.’



In terms of sex and intimacy, it won’t be wrong to say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus! What do you say?