15 Ordinary Household Items Which Have Shortest Expiry Dates

1:20 pm 11 Apr, 2018


We often see many of our favourite products go off colour or shape. It’s about time that when products fade, start growing mould, become dull or simply start stinking, that you need to consider their lifeline. For the good of your family, you should chuck them out of the window and from your heart!

Here’s a list of items you didn’t even know had a short expiry date and it will leave you shocked!

1. Flour

You might have thought that flour lasts forever, but ideally, you should chuck it away after a period of six months. However, if you wish to keep it preserved, you can freeze it (who knew), which will make it last for another two years from date of manufacture.



 2. Pillow cases

Your beauty sleep on those pillow cases are doing you no good. These pillow cases get unhygienic really quickly, thanks to all the dead skin cells and slobber. Replace them every 2-3 years (depending on your usage).


3. Cycling Helmet

Cyclists, be aware! You shouldn’t keep the same cycle helmet for longer than three years, and in case of any calamity like an accident or collision, you must replace it immediately in that case.


4. Mascara

Ladies, those fluttering eyelases look good and thick with your favourite coat of Mascara, but here’s the catch – you should replace your mascara every 1-2 months. Even if you haven’t used it, just dispose it within two months maximum.


5. Frying pan

Yes, this one comes as a surprise – pans do expire! Their expiry is only till five years, in case of non-stick ones specially. To prevent non-stick paint from chipping off, dispose it after those years. It hardly sounds delicious!


6. Mattress

It may seem crazy but those hotel mattresses are probably older than you thought. Ideally, you should get a new mattress every eight years, even if they give you the best sleep. No one wants to sleep on a bug-infested mattress after all.


7. Underwear

If you’re particularly hygienic, you should get new knickers every year. That seems excessive, but it’s for your own good. Even despite all the washing, changing knickers often will only keep you hygienic.


8. Hairbrush

Those “grime” can build up in your hairbrush, so invest in a new one every year.


9. Lipstick

Lipsticks has a longer shelf-life than mascara, and you can keep that favourite shade of yours for a good two years before chucking it out of your vanity box.


10. Alcohol

While a lot of spirits will last forever, once you’ve opened a bottle you need to drink it within a year. While wine lasts the longest, other alcoholic drinks have sugars which will crystallise, and taste rank. Beers have a shorter shelf life than wines.


11. Spices

You wouldn’t have imagined that herbs and spices are replaceable, but they are. And their expiry is just about three years. They start to loose their colour and taste.


12. Dishwasher

It’s an expensive thing to just chuck away, but apparently your dishwasher expires after 10-15 years. It does the cleaning well, but we need to dispose it before it does the opposite!


13. Perfumes

Once you’ve opened a bottle of sweet perfume, three years is all you get, to use it. After that, most perfumes begin to smell stale and that’s not the point of wearing one, right?


14. Jam

We don’t want to eat stale and smelly jams right? Jams do have expiry dates that we should be paying attention to. They last about two years if you want them in the right condition (when stored in a cool, dry place). Once opened, keep your homemade jam in the refrigerator for up to three months only.


15. Bras

Last but not the least, bras need your attention too! They need to be replaced every six to eight months, as washing them regularly causes them to lose their shape, and therefore their main function (that is to support you).


Do you have any more items which have expiry dates and people are not aware of? Tell us in the comments.

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