10 Hottest Male Models In India On Instagram Who Are Responsible For Raising The Temperature

7:30 pm 9 Aug, 2018


Instagram is a gift that has kept us updated on the happening trends around the globe. However, we have found the trending reason behind the hot weather here. Over the time, Instagram has provided us the chance to gaze at the hottest male models in India who are definitely the cause of the soaring high temperature here.

Ladies, maybe not their names but you will definitely recognize their faces from big brand ad campaigns, occasional music videos, popular magazine, or even reality shows. As much as you love checking out the selfies of your best friends, there is always time for some eye candy, right! And for that, you have to make sure that you follow these hottest male models in the country on social networking.




Check out the list of the hottest male models in India who can make you go weak in your knees right away:


1. Nitin Chauhan



He is purely drool-worthy!



2. Gaurav Rana



Can you see through him?!



3. Arya Bhat



That’s how you impressed us!



4. Mudit Malhotra



Can’t take my eyes off you, mister!



5. Prathamesh Maulingkar


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Flashback Friday 🌝

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Now, that’s an eye candy!



6. Deepak Singh Chhikara



That’s the color of my love for you!



7. Prateek Jain



I. Am. Speechless!



8. Rohit Khandelwal



Well, that’s my Monday motivation!


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Love yourself ! The way you have loved yourself the best. Wake up,sip your coffee and only think about yourself. Positive thoughts only As there is always door for negative thoughts. Don’t put yourself down thinking you ant good enough or don’t look good etc. That’s the perception of others for you may but not of you for you. Your are special and the first and most important person to believe that is YOU. Just give your attempt to do something more constructive today. Make sure your association is Right. If the person you love doesn’t contribute for your happiness and YOU. But you still call love. It’s not. Take a call, be realistic and have a differentiation between love and attachment. Or just a long lasting attraction etc. Be practical with every situation. (Think about it, ask yourself what do u really or genuinely love about him/her) Haha most of them might got their answer) Nothing shall make you Away from YOU. Your time is your investment. Don’t invest on a materialistic object. Find your “ME” time. Could be anything. painting, cycling or watching an old cartoon etc Keep your so called mask you wear for others aside That’s you Real you. Don’t be afraid and what are we afraid or, why are we ? It’s your life. Live it the way you love it 😍 Your people will appreciate it. Rest who don’t, you anyways don’t live to entertain them. Embrace yourself and only then you can Embrace others. ❤️❤️❤️ Good morning ! Have a beautiful day.

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9. Pranav Kirti Mishra


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Two minutes to seven.

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A poet, a model, and a designer! Now, that’s a perfect combination!



10. Rouhallah Gazi


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clean Sunday

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Can this get any better? Uh, no!


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Well, I don’t know how are you controlling yourself after looking at these sensuous pictures of the hottest male models in India because honestly, I just can’t keep calm. While there are many more hotties in town, these guys are making the temperature soaring high! So watch out and go follow them on Instagram. Right now!



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