Hotel Staff Uses Same Towel To Clean Drinking Glasses And Toilets. And It Will Make You Go ‘Ewww’

1:15 pm 20 Nov, 2018


Imagine going to a luxury hotel where you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Well, we all love that, don’t we? But hey, hold on, you have to be on your guards no matter where you go. Why? Well, all your questions will be answered when you’ll see the video of a hotel staff cleaning drinking glasses and toilets with the same piece of towel. It sounds really gross, don’t you agree? This incident was brought to the limelight by a blogger, who shared a video (rather an expose) of such wrongdoings.

The expose includes big names such as Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Shangri La, Le Royal Meridian etc. In the video, we can clearly see that instead of changing the cleaning towel, the hotel staff is clearly using the same towel to clean the washroom and the drinking glass.




This video was shared on China’s popular digital platform Weibo. Taking a note of this incident, the authorities which regulate tourism in China are into the investigation with respect to the improper hygiene practices at the respective chains. Just for the record, five different regions are under the scanner.

As per a media report, some big hotels have also taken a note of the video and have replied back with an apology.


hotel staff cleaning


You can watch the video here:



Now, as consumers, if you are among those who think that lavishing means hygienic then I am so sorry you are sadly mistaken. The video above is the proof of that.


So next time when you try and book any hotel at any place, just try and be aware. I mean it is really disturbing to imagine a hotel staff cleaning drinking glasses and toilets with the same piece of towel.