What Happens To The Hotel Room Where Someone Dies? Read To Find Out

12:34 pm 25 May, 2018


The untimely death of Bollywood legend Sridevi shook the entire nation. People from all over India came together to pay their tribute to the veteran actress. While the late actress died in the bathtub of her hotel room in Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, speculations have spun around the cause of her death. But another question here is what happened to her hotel room after her corpse was taken out of the room?!

Every now and then we might have wondered what happens to the room when someone dies in it. Here is the truth behind the query!


Sridevi Death


There is a detailed procedure to take care of the room in the hotel where a person dies. As soon as the information about the death reaches the management of the hotel, they immediately seal the hotel room as the room cannot be used any further.




The hotel staff is informed to not touch or clean any objects in the room. As the police are informed and the investigation begins, the room officially becomes a crime scene until the police personnel are done with their job in the room.

Employees are forbidden from talking to the media and in case of death on the property, the prohibition is extended to the General Manager.



Once the room is released by the police after investigation, the hotel management does a thorough clean-up of the room. As soon as the room is cleaned up after taking all medical precautions, it goes back to serving the guests.


It is extremely necessary for the hotel management to not let the room number of the crime scene slip away, as the guests refrain themselves from staying in a ‘death room’. In case the room number slips away, the management changes the series of all the rooms. Finally, after taking all necessary precautions, the hotel room gets back in business.