These Ultra-hot Instagrammers Are Raising The Temperature In 2019

11:00 am 12 Jan, 2019


2018 is over and we are almost settled in this New Year. So, wondering what is new this year? Let us fill you in! There are Instagrammers who are too hot and they made sure that 2018 was the hottest year with their posts. Thankfully, they are continuing it in 2019 too. These hot Instagrammers are very famous in India and their pictures are simply breathtaking. Read on and you will get to know who are these Instagrammers who have taken over the internet.

Instagram has become a stage of its own where talented artists enjoy there own fan base. They are no actors or stars but they are admired for their style which is mesmerizing. If you are still not following these hot Instagrammers then follow now.


1. Santoshi Shetty




Santoshi has 583k followers on Instagram. Yes! This Instagrammer is no less than a star on social media. Santoshi keeps on updating her account with new trends and styles. She is also the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The StyleEdge. She definitely gives major fashion goal with her edgy style.


2. Saad Chaudhary



Saad’s username on Instagram is simplisaad and his pictures are simply amazing. Saad has 55.9k followers on Instagram and he has been a contestant in Roadies X4. He is an actor and a model. Check out his Instgaram and you will understand why is he one of the hot Instagrammers in India.


3. Rhea Gupte



Rhea Gupte enjoys great 39.1k followers on Instagram. Rhea’s account is famous for her bold style statement, creative and inspiring pictures. She has a unique style when it comes to the pictures she captures and posts. Rhes is a visual artist and her pictures are proof of it.


4. Anuj Singh Duhan



Anuj Singh Duhan is again a very hot Instagrammers with 38.3k followers. Anuj’s Instagram is filled with jaw-dropping hot pictures. Heis a fitness model and keeps on posting the pictures which are worth dying for. The shirtless pictures showing his perfect abs look like a dream.


5. Neha Malik



Neha Malik is another hot Instagrammer in India who ruled 2018 and is doing the same in 2019 too. Neha is a fashion and beauty blogger. Her Instagram is filled with hot and sassy pictures. She also loves to make tik- tok videos and entertain her fans.


6. Gauri Mehta



Gauri has turned out to be the most popular fashion influencer on Instagram. She has 246k followers and all of them love her fashion posts. Gauri keeps on posting about beauty, fashion, and style. Sheis originally from Mumbai and loves to be at front of the camera.


7. Gaurav Rana



Gaurav’s Instagram is filled with his hot pictures and that is the reason that he has a massive number of 11.4k followers on Instagram. He is also a model and that makes him even more desirable. The fans wait for his hot pictures and all of them are deadly.



These are the hot Instagrammers who ruled 2018 and are doing the same in 2019. Will they be replaced by someoone else as the year passes by? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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