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8 Things You Learn During Your Hostel Life

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 7:06 pm By

Hostel life is so cool.


The independence is a thrill in itself. No more shifting your setup for the kaam waali bai to clean the room. No need to dust the room when expecting guests or friends. But that also means no more refrigerator trips every 10 minutes.

More than the independence, hostel life teaches you to be self-dependent. In a room where you are left to yourself contemplating, you need to look after yourself. Your meals, your rations, your activities and your health. And all this by not extending your budget! Here are a few things that hostel life teaches us:

1. Time management.

When living in a hostel, you need to learn to stay on time. You won’t believe how many times watching cat memes can make you miss dinner.


2. Keeping yourself organised.

You can no longer have your mom conjure things for you. You need to take care of your own things. So your stuff needs to be organised and so do you.


Hostel life

Mummy! Socks nahi mil rahe hai! memecenter

3. Locking doors and windows.


Call it paranoia or OCD, but every time I leave my house, I double triple check for open windows and door.


Hostel life

I keep the door open to make new friends! Look! Yay! odditycentral

4. Budget management.

You need to manage your monthly expenses from your pocket money lest you want to have a skype call discussing how thrift your grandparents had been.


Hostel life

Not this story again. (Jab Dadaji Mumbai aaye the…) zeenews

5. Thoda udhaar!

Pappu, Akram and Tiwari dada know you by now. They give you credit if you forget your purse once in a while.


Hostel life

Please Sir, yeh peanut mere khaate mein likh dena. imgur

6. Interdependence

Your hostel-mates are your closest bank. If the courier guy from Myntra won’t wait for you to return from the ATM, who ya gonna call? You borrow the essentials of everyday life like electric kettle, induction pan, clothes detergent and phone balance from your buds. If one guy has it, the whole floor uses it.


Hostel life

Ae, dena! Thoda! Please! eventcombo

7. Pink & Rosy

When you are alone and ill, pamper yourself. This is one of the times when your dad won’t mind sending you more money. Stay hydrated and avoid canteen food. Health is more important than convenience.


Hostel life

Ab toh no Maggi also troll

8. Swear galore

When you start living alone, you lose your verbal innocence forever! Doesn’t matter how much of a geek you are, “Arre b*****d mera notes kaun liya?” becomes your idea of polite.



Have you ever had the hostel life? What about it stayed with you forever?



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