12 Horror Web Series That Will Make You Very Scared Even During The Day

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Updated on 27 Nov, 2018 at 4:21 pm


Some horror web series have successfully changed the way we look at horror in India. The movies and the TV shows which catered to the genre of horror have so far been lackadaisical, to say the least. Some of them were so bad that they were funny rather than scary. However, some Indian as well as international horror web series, are genuinely scary and not what we are used to seeing.

Thanks to the internet and growing web series market, we now have access to great content in all genres including some of the scariest horror web series from across the globe. Here are 12 of the best and the scariest horror web series, which are sure to scare the shit out of you.


1. Gehraiyaan



Starring Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Seth in the led roles, this horror-thriller web series is directed by Vikram Bhatt. The mysterious and dark occurrences in Reyna Mallik’s (Sanjeeda Sheikh) house are sure to scare you and give you sleepless nights. The horror web series is available on Viu.



2. Penny Dreadful


Set in Victorian London, the story in this horror web series circles around the literary characters of that era. This gripping and nail-bitingly tale will give you chills.



3. The Exorcist


In continuation of the movie by the same name, this horror web series is even scarier than the movie itself. Certainly, it’s not for the fainthearted!



4. American Horror Story


Each season in this horror web series presents a different story, but all of them all equally scary, freaky and weird. It is definitely one of those shows which will make your hair rise even during the daytime.



5. The Returned


We do often wish for our loved ones to come back to life. But what if they actually do? We’d be scared out of our wits. This horror web series tells the tale of such people who are back from the dead. It is an American remake of the French original Les Revenants.




6. Bates Motel


This horror web series is a prequel to the classic Alfred Hitchcock creation Psycho. Bates Motel tells the story of Norman Bates before he became a crazy guy with dual-personality. This creepy story will keep you hooked to your seat.



7. Scream


A reboot version of the popular movie by the same name, this horror web series gained huge popularity for its content. Circling around a group of teens, it shows a killer on the loose, a lot of bloodbaths and blood-curdling horror.



8. Hemlock Grove


This is a Netflix original horror web series adapted from the book by Brian McGreevy. The story circles around the residents of a town who are peculiar, as well as, killers.



9. Glitch


Seven people return from the dead in this horror web series. A cop, a doctor and the undead themselves try to uncover secrets of his horror tale.



10. Slasher


Canadian TV series and a horror web series, Slasher revolves around a mysterious killer called “The Executioner” who kills off people in the Waterbury community.



11. The Following


Starring Kevin Bacon in the lead role, this horror/thriller web series follows the story of an FBI agent set out to capture a psychotic serial killer who communicates with other active serial killers in mysterious ways and has built a cult following.



12. Ghoul


Starring Radhika Apte, this three miniseries is already receiving some great reviews. Some are calling it the scariest they have seen so far. Inspired by dystopian tales, the series is futuristic, as well as, scary.



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