These Crazy One Night Stand Stories Will Leave You Amazed!

Updated on 21 Sep, 2018 at 12:15 pm


Meet, bang, and bye! Let’s face it; there are various reasons which make one-night stand a perfect option. Especially for those who don’t want to get tangled in the web of relationships. Whatever your reason may be, hookup is not always as rosy as it appears. Don’t believe us? Here are the hookup horror stories that will certainly make you think twice before spending some ‘fun time’ with a stranger.

Thanks to the internet, these hookup horror stories are collected from people all over the world. While some will make you go ‘eww,’ the others will send a chill down your spine. Enjoy!


1. Looks can be deceiving



Hookup horror story 1


We meet at a party. He seemed like a decent person and soon we went back to his place. Next morning, the police barged in to arrest the guy. He handed me his lawyer’s number. Turned out he was arrested for a fraud at the job but the incident scared the hell out of me.


2. The golden shower?


Hookup horror story 2


After a steamy time, we decided to sleep. I came back to my senses by hearing a loud yell. Turns out I was sleepwalking! During which I ended up peeing on her floor. Her scream jolted me out and I ran to the washroom to finish my business, in the process creating more mess.


3. The hidden professor!


Hookup horror story 3


I was in college and it was my first time hooking up with someone. After we had sex, he pulled a pen and paper to jot down notes about our sexual encounter. He actually wrote down constructive criticism on our encounter and gave the notes to me.


4. The sinner


Hookup horror story 4


We had terrible sex and his room was tribally messy. However, the worst thing happened after we finished banging. He started crying and then kneeled down beside the bed. Then he started screaming ‘forgive me father for I have sinned’ and also telling that we have committed a terrible sin. No wonder, I ran out of his place never to call him again.


5. Gone with the winds!


Hookup horror story 5


I had loads of bacon and beer. Then I had amazing sex with this guy I meet at a restaurant. Soon we fell asleep, but I was awakened by a loud fart noise. Naturally, I thought it was the guy! However, then the farts followed and I realized it was mine. Next day, he acted awkwardly and then left. Now I know how to scare people and it’s with my fart!


6. Awkward!


Hookup horror story 6


We had fun at her place and then I called Uber to go back home. Guess who showed up? Her dad! Turns out he is an Uber driver. I never had a more awkward ride in my entire life.


7. The red hookup


Hookup horror story 7


During sex, he accidentally knocked down a picture frame hanging over the bed. The frame broke on his head. It’s just cheap plastic, and he seems fine. So, we got back to what we were doing. But, I kept getting distracted by his sweating. So, I switched on the light to see what’s so sticky. Turns out the whole bed is covered in blood. His torso and my hairs are too! Apparently, the frame cut a vein in his neck.


8. The lucky escape


Hookup horror story 8


We met at a bar and flirted a little. Then he said to me if I would like to go back to his place. He took me to his apartment, in the middle of the woods, and refused to let me leave. Turns out he is mentally unstable. I somehow managed to run out of the window while he was in the washroom.


9. Psycho?


Hookup Horror Stories


She was sexy and we had fun! Soon after she started talking about how we will meet each other’s parents. Then jumped to talking about our wedding plans!


Which of these hookup horror stories gave you the chills? Do you have any such story to share?

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