19 Reasons You Should Spend More On Your Honeymoon Than Your Wedding

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8:00 pm 20 Aug, 2015

The excitement of being a bride or a groom does not only come to an end easily. Married life probably kicks-starts from the honeymoon. It is where every couple would like to spend time with each other, hailing in some exotic places surrounded by sun-kissed weather. Mostly, when you look at the budget, marriage costs you 10 times more than a honeymoon. But here are some awesome reasons why you should spend more on honeymoon than marriage.


1. Every duo certainly wants to start their married life by spending some romantic time with each other.

2. This will allow you to understand each other well.


3. Obviously, you choose your partner over feeding many random guests at the wedding.


4. Now, you won’t need to plan a budget for those long lists of people whom you don’t want to invite to anyway.


5. You are not wasting time, this would be your investment into making happy memories.


6. You will get a break from the hustle and bustle around.


7. You can experience the world’s best cuisine with your life partner.


8. You certainly desire to propose your partner in this dreamy world, even after getting married.


9. You think you are cozy and romantic enough? Don’t worry this is a perfect place to be.


10. The quality time you devote to each other can help you to build a strong bond.


11. You are not spending time here, you are capturing some unforgettable moments at this time.


12. They would be memorable days for you both, where you don’t need to fret about asking others, “Kahana kahaya ki nahi?


13. Honeymoon days are always a spree of giving surprises to each other.


14. You will get the chance to feel the soul of your partner, like you never felt before.


15. You feel contented and happy even if you spend lots of money during the honeymoon.


16. Feelings of refreshment, relaxation and togetherness can’t be beat!


17. Sending all the day talking with and loving each other makes you forget about everyday blues of your daily life.


18. Spending few nights comfortably in a luxurious villa, rather than a huge marriage hall.


19. Honeymoon can unleash the inner child in your partner.


So guys, were we able to convince you to spend more on your honeymoon than your wedding?


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